The Mattress Reviewer was setup in 2017 with the sole aim of helping people improve their sleep, with a focus on increasing energy and improving athletic performance. The Mattress Reviewer offers different products in distinct categories, and then promotes them to solve consumers’ problems.

Not only is there reviews onsite but also quality sleep related content to help people improve their sleep patterns! Content is always being curated so watch this space if you want a feature!

The Mattress Reviewer helps consumers by sorting through the noise from competing companies in the same product category. This is done by in depth mattress reviews, pillow reviews and tips for better sleep. At the moment I review all UK products and have enlisted the help of my cousin Ruben from LA to manage all US reviews. We are looking to expand the team further so watch this space!

The Mattress Reviewer! Get the information you need to research and shop for mattresses, pillows, bedding, and more!

About Me

Hey, my name is Joel. Buying a mattress or sleep related products can be a really difficult task. I felt this way when I tried to buy a mattress few years ago. It was this moment that I decided that I needed to create a sleep review site to help others choose the right products for their sleepy needs. Like I mentioned before, I live and breathe sleep! I believe we all deserve a great start to the day and hopefully my site will be a good platform for promoting your brand.

Like I mentioned before, I live and breathe sleep! I believe we all deserve a great start to the day and hopefully my site will inspire you to upgrade your bedroom.

This site is about what inspires me and would have been perfect when I bought my first mattress! p.s I want to remain unbiased so can’t share the mattress I went for but I have never slept so good!

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Meet the Team



I'm Joel, a 28 year old designer and founder of TheMattressReviewer. I am a difficult sleeper and I think that if I can find a good mattress for me, I can find one for everyone! I review UK products.



I'm Ruben, a 32 year old fitness trainer from LA,USA. I have always had a fascination with sleep and recovery, I am always reminding my clients how important it is. I believe that we should all amazing sleep! I review US products.



I'm Kim, a nap and cat lover who indulges in freelance writing from time to time. As mentioned above, I love to nap so thought to myself, why not write for a sleep blog? I love sharing tips and tricks for a better night sleep.