Your bedroom should be your sanctuary, a place that you go to relax and unwind. We all know the importance of a good nights sleep and there are several key factors which can affect this. Let’s take a closer look at some of the ways you can turn your bedroom into a sleep-friendly environment.

Dimming the Lights – About an hour before bed will help regulate your body and tell your brain that it’s time to shift into sleep mode. At home, use room darkening shades and curtains to keep it dark at night whilst you sleep.

Relaxed and Peaceful – Choose colours and decorations that you love! It’s also helpful to keep your room clean and uncluttered, and make your bed every morning.

A Cool Room – The optimal temperature is between 60 and 67 degrees. Experiment with your room’s exact temperature to find what makes you feel comfortable.

Choose the right Bedding and Mattress – These need to be comfortable to you and your personal preference. Soft or Firm, that is up to you. Make your decision based on what you have used before and what kind of sleeper you are. Be sure to check the mattress reviews and pillow reviews on site.

Reduce Noises – Both inside and outside your house, a sound conditioner or fan will help create a consistent soothing backdrop throughout the night. Keep the TV off while you sleep, as changing volumes and tones can interrupt you.

Surround yourself with scents you like – For example, lavender may decrease your heart rate and blood pressure. Soothing scents like this can improve your mood and help you relax for bed.

So that is it, my top tips for a better night sleep in the perfect bedroom. Be sure to share your personal sleep tips below in the comments box.