Welcome to my Hyde and Sleep mattress review – the third on mattress reviews list. (see the full list of reviewed mattresses here).

Here you will find my review of how I found the Hyde and Sleep mattress, and an in depth analysis of its various features, qualities and issues. First, as ever though, a short overview of the Hyde and Sleep brand.

Hyde and Sleep are one of the newer entrants into the increasingly competitive UK mattress market. The creators of the brand wanted to produce an affordable mattress based on the principles of sleep and rest. Hyde and Sleep are dedicated to getting Britain sleeping well again, ensuring that we all get quality rest – no matter how many hours we sleep.

Quality of product is top of the list for Hyde and Sleep, so they teamed up with a trusted brand with over 30 years’ experience in the sector – Dreams. Another primary goal for Hyde and Sleep is to create a mattress range that feels luxurious and adaptive to any kind of sleeper, and to do this they have created two types of mattress: one memory foam mattress, and one hybrid pocket sprung mattress. In this instance, I will be reviewing their Next-Gen Memory Foam mattress (and hopefully get round to testing the hybrid one sometime later this year).

The chance to review one was afforded to me a month or so ago, so without further ado let’s dive right into my Hyde and Sleep mattress review .


Voted 2017 product of the year (Consumer survey of innovation: Mattress category), this award winning mattress is comprised of three layers which contain a mixture of different foams. I was impressed by the way all these layers supplemented one another to provide an exceptional level of comfort, as well as good support.

The Hyde and Sleep memory foam mattress is 25cm in depth, and the layers break down to the below:

  1. Memory Foam – 3.8cm –The top layer of the mattress provides a strong initial feeling of support, contouring to the shape of your body as you lay on it. It is infused with a cooling balm which helps absorb body heat and maintain a cooling temperature throughout the other layers.
  2. Transition Foam – 1.9cm – This middle layer is comprised of memory foam and latex, acting as a cushion and intermediary between the top and bottom layer. Additionally, I found that the inclusion of latex gave the mattress more bounce, meaning that jumping in and out of bed was a bit easier in comparison to other mattresses I’ve tested.
  3. Support Foam – 17.8cm – The Hyde and Sleep mattress base layer is made up of a high-density foam which contains seven separate supportive zones to aid the sleeper(s)’ key pressure points whilst relieving pressure from other areas.
Hyde and Sleep Mattress Layers
Hyde and Sleep Mattress Layers


The Hyde and Sleep memory foam mattress comes wrapped in a polyester (98%) and elastane (2%) blend. The two materials combine for a soft, yet stretchy feel. What was great to see was that when I tugged on it and then let go, it bounced right back to its original shape instantly, illustrating the quality of it. The fabric is also highly breathable, aiding the overall airflow of the mattress.

I wouldn’t usually comment on the colour of a cover as I know for the majority of people it’s not important – but for me, the bit of green piping separating the white from the grey, was quite nice – as it adds a nice bit of colour and helps you remember your mattress is from Hyde and Sleep.

Firmness, Comfort, & Support

I found the Hyde and Sleep memory foam mattress to be very much aligned in the gap between soft and firm, so am happy to rank this as a 5/10 on the firmness scale. Lying down on the mattress for the first time, I felt immediate pressure relief around my back and shoulders as it contoured to my body shape. Indeed, as previously mentioned, the layers complemented one another very well in my opinion, with the memory foam working in harmony particularly well with the transition foam to add an extra level of support.

Usually I find softer mattresses sink heavily with my body shape but this wasn’t the case here, as I was able to switch sleep positions with ease and feel the dynamic support and comfort. One thing that was very surprising was the motion transfer, my girlfriend and I work different shifts but can safely say that there was no disturbance to either of us when getting in and out of bed. This is perfect for couples who may disturb one another in their sleep. However, I have experienced better edge support on other mattresses – so if you are in a couple and one of you is a sprawler, this may be a very slight irritant.

I tried all three main sleeping positions (I am a back sleeper myself) for sleeping on the Hyde and Sleep memory foam mattress – below is how I found each one:

Back Sleeper – I felt that my weight was spread evenly across the mattress in this sleeping position. The micro coils comfortably and three layers moulded around the base of my spine and top of my shoulders, as well as wrapping around my hips. Spine alignment is key when shopping for a quality mattress and this should provide the back support that you need.

Side Sleeper – In comparison to the other two sleeping positions, I did notice more sinkage when sleeping on my side. The centralised, smaller surface area from the weight of my body took some time for the mattress to adjust. As mentioned above, I would just be careful that you don’t get too close to the edges as the support here isn’t as strong as some other mattresses.

Stomach Sleeper – The medium firmness was, again, a little uncomfortable when sleeping on my stomach, but perhaps it’s because I am not used to it as much. Maybe I need a few more nights to experience the effects of the layers working together a bit better – but from what I experienced it wasn’t necessarily for me. As ever, everyone is different however, and this is just my opinion.

Overall I was impressed with the comfort and support of this mattress, it’s perfect for people who don’t like their mattress too soft or firm. One thing that I did experience when sitting on the edge of the mattress was some sinkage, so it could have stronger edge support – but this shouldn’t deter you from buying one, as other areas of the mattress are exceptional. I found that it moulded fairly well to all sleeping positions, and it just comes down to personal taste on that front.

Hyde and sleep mattress


Like most memory foam mattresses reviews I’ve done, the brand in question – in this case Hyde and Sleep – allow consumers to purchase directly from them, the manufacturer, so that consumers can receive an excellent mattress at a reasonable price.

In the instance of their Next-Gen memory foam mattress, their pricing starts at £399 for a single and finishes at £699.99 for a Super King. This is very reasonable for a memory foam mattress in my opinion, though they do only offer 4 sizes which might be inconvenient for some customers. Below is a full breakdown of all of their mattress sizes and prices:

Additionally, Hyde and Sleep are currently offering free pillows and bedding with all mattress orders (offer ends July 9th) – making this already strong price point a relative bargain!

Super King£599.00

Delivery, Unboxing, Trial, & Warranty

Hyde and Sleep offer three different delivery options to cater for the needs of busy consumers. They offer free next day delivery as a standard option (it’s rare that any company offers this service for free so big plus points here). You can also upgrade your next day delivery to before 10.30am at a £25 charge which is very reasonable, when you consider they will almost certainly be taking a loss here. The same price applies to Saturday morning if you need your mattress before 12pm. They don’t offer a time slot for delivery but they send customers an email when their order leaves the depot which is a nice touch.

The Hyde and Sleep unboxing was pretty straightforward. Even for a mattress in a box company, the mattress slid out of the packaging very easily, probably the easiest out of any I’ve unboxed so far. After laying it on my bed frame, it rose to full size extremely quickly, and without any notable off gassing.

They offer a 100 night ‘rest test’ where you can really get to try out their mattresses and get a full refund if it is not for you. I have noticed that this is pretty standard with most mattress companies but for a brand with no physical showroom, it’s a nice touch. Their guarantee is 10 years (over 3000 sleeps), and it’s always reassuring to see a brand who have enough trust in their product that they can offer a decade’s worth of comprehensive damage protection.

Is the Hyde and Sleep mattress right for you?

I was pleasantly surprised with The Hyde and Sleep Next-Gen Memory Foam mattress as had researched mixed reviews; especially when comparing it to the other brands in the market. That said, I was pleasantly surprised with the simplicity and high quality of the materials and comfort that it provided. I felt that it did relieve some of my aches and pains, and he layers worked in harmony to hug my body. The only downside for me really was the relative lack of edge support.

It’s fair to say that I am looking forward to trying the hybrid later on this year to see how the two compare!

The big question though, as ever, is who is the Hyde and Sleep Mattress best for?

I would recommend the Hyde and Sleep mattress to sleepers if:

  • You like medium firm – I measured this as a medium 5 firmness which is perfect for sleepers who like the middle ground
  • Want less bounce – Though the middle layer does provide some good bounce, it doesn’t offer as much as a hybrid or spring mattress
  • You want trust – Teaming up with Dreams and their history of the market has meant that the Hyde and Sleep mattress has been rigorously tested and researched for optimal performance and high grade manufacturing.
  • You want a memory foam mattress – sounds like a simple statement but a memory foam mattress is great for it’s cooling properties and pressure point relief.

Hyde and Sleep’s proposition is fairly unique in the market as most brands tend to stick to one type of mattress or another. I did really enjoy sleeping on and testing their memory foam version, it provided great support, cooling properties and hugged my contours whilst I slept. You can buy the Hyde and Sleep mattress here.


  1. Have you tested the hybrid yet Joel ? I am wondering how it compares to the hyde and sleep hybrid as I found this mattress to be slightly too sofg fir me and I am looking for a slightly firmer one…

  2. Sorry , my post is not very clear at all . I have been meaning to ask you how the Hyde and sleep hybrid mattress compares to the OTty mattress. thank you so much !


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