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Welcome to my Otty mattress review – the first on my UK mattress reviews list. (see the full list of reviewed mattresses here).

Here you will find my in depth review of how I found the Otty mattress, and an analysis of its qualities and features – but first, a brief bit of background on the Otty Sleep brand.

The Otty in a box mattress is a new entrant into the ever-broadening mattress-in-a-box and sleep space. It consists of both memory foam and coils, and is looking to directly compete with the likes of Simba through its hybrid construction. The founder of Otty Sleep, Michal, understood the importance of a good night’s sleep when he was looking to balance a healthy and active lifestyle with quality rest. However, like most of us, he found it difficult to find a mattress that suited both his personal comforts and expectations – so decided to go about creating the Otty mattress.

I was delighted to get the chance to review one, so without further ado let’s dive into my Otty mattress review.


The Otty mattress instantly differs to many of its competitors by offering a hybrid setup comprising 5 innovative layers of structurally ­responsive memory foam and springs. They all complement one another very well to offer maximum support and comfort.

The Otty Mattress is 25cm in depth, and the layers break down to the below:

  1. Otty Cool Blue Gel – 3cm – This is their flagship technology which accelerates air circulation and provides a cooler night sleep. This is the layer that is closest to your body so helps regulate body temperature. You could say that it’s a cool memory foam mattress.
  2. 2. Otty Tech luxurious foam – 3cm – This is a pressure relieving base foam which allows for an improved sleeping posture.
  3. 2000 Pocket Springs – 14cm – These offer optimal support and help eliminate motion disturbance, perfect for a better night’s sleep.
  4. Otty Air Flow System – This is wrapped around the pocket springs and allows for maximum air flow through carefully crafted air vents.
  5. High Density Foam – 5cm – The base layer offers sturdy support and a base for the rest of the layers.
otty mattress layers
The Otty Mattress has 5 layer engineered to work in harmony together

The unique layering of the Otty mattress foam helps to minimises the build up of heat when sleeping. The holes in the top layer and air flow system allows air to circulate through the mattress freely, channelling warm air away from the sleeper. Otty label their cool blue gel as ‘thermostatic cushioning which actively responds to your natural body temperature throughout the night without compromising on comfort’. For those that sleep hot, this is a great solution!

Firmness, Comfort, & Support

If you like your mattress to be medium to firm then the Otty mattress is ideal for you, ranking a 7.5/10 on the firmness scale. I would say it provides decent spine support and protection, making it suitable for most sleeping positions.

I tried all three main sleeping positions (I am a back sleeper myself) for sleeping on the Otty mattress – below is how I found each one:

Back Sleeper – Being a hybrid, the Otty mattress offers springiness and the support of a traditional memory foam mattress. I was able to feel the bounce of the springs through my spine, but this was perfectly offset by the top memory foam layers. They comfortably moulded around the base of my spine for maximum lower back support whilst applying pressure on my shoulders and neck.

Side Sleeper – Sinkage was minimal here. I must admit that I am not a side sleeper but am aware that hips and shoulders get the brunt of the pressure when you are a side sleeper – and on the Otty mattress I could feel decent support on my neck and waist.

Stomach Sleeper – I found sleeping on my stomach to be less comfortable than the other two positions, as it is a firm mattress which seems suited to increased pressure points.

Overall it is hard to find much fault with the sinkage and support of the Otty mattress, as it has a strong and firm edge support which is suited to most types of sleepers – though I recommend it most if you tend to sleep on your back or side.


Otty mattress are another company who cut out the middle man allowing you to purchase directly from them, the manufacturer – which equals a cheaper mattress for you, the consumer.

Their pricing starts at £299.99 for a single and finishes at £649.99 for a Super King. For a hybrid this is very reasonable in my opinion. Below is a full breakdown of all of their mattress sizes and prices:

UK Small Double£399.99
UK Single£299.99
UK King£549.99
UK Double£449.99
Super King£649.99
EU King£599.99
EU Double£499.99

Delivery, Unboxing, Trial, & Warranty

The OTTY mattress delivery follows the traditional pattern of most new start-up mattress companies and arrives at your door vacuum packed and rolled into a box. They offer free delivery anywhere in the UK and promise next day delivery for all orders before 3pm, as well as having the option to choose an alternative delivery date. Weekend delivery will only cost you £30 but I would advise taking full advantage of their weekday service as this is the cheapest option.

otty mattress in a box
The Otty mattress delivery process is quick and easy

Something that I also noticed was their 2-man delivery service which is perfect for customers who might have difficulty carrying and unpacking such a heavy item. At an extra cost, 2 people deliver and bring the mattress into any room in you. There is also availability of getting them to take the mattress out of the box for you, a great idea to help those who might struggle otherwise!

They offer a 100 night trial so you can return the mattress if you are not 100% satisfied with it. A quick chat with their customer service should get this process started with minimal effort. They also offer a standard 10-year warranty.

I did find that the mattress had a slight smell upon getting it out the box, but this disappeared fairly quickly as I had the bedroom window open – and it was totally gone after two days.

Is the Otty mattress right for you?

The amount of thought that has gone into the Otty Mattress is very impressive – most companies pull together materials and layers that other companies use, but Otty have designed their own layers to create a very impressive hybrid mattress. Combined with the 10-year warranty and the delivery options, I think that Otty Sleep should be viewed as a real contender in the mattress in a box market, despite their relative youth in the industry.

The big question though, as ever, is who is the Otty mattress best for?

I would recommend the Otty mattress to sleepers if:

You love a hybrid – You aren’t comfortable with a 100% memory foam mattress.

You need cool – You are a hot sleeper and want a mattress which adapts to your core body temperature and disperses heat away from your sleeping position.

Value – This has to be one of the best ‘value for money’ options in the market, especially when you consider the quality of materials and craftsmanship.

You like medium firmness – the Otty strikes a medium firm balance (7.5/10) and has strong edge support.

Home grown – A mattress that has been developed, tested and designed in the UK.

Otty Sleep’s proposition is fairly unique in the market, their prices are good for the high quality materials that they have developed, and most importantly of all – their mattress is extremely comfortable. Be sure to check out our Otty pillow review if you are looking to complete the set.

You can buy the Otty Mattress here


  1. Great review.

    I’ve just started to test and review the OTTY myself and I agree with a lot of what you’re saying.

    Especially with the ‘off gassing’ smell that is present when the mattress is brand new, but like you said that diminishes rather quickly.

    As far as sleeping position goes I’ve only slept on the mattress a few nights so far, but with limited data I’ve found almost exactly the same as you, that it’s a little firm for stomach sleepers and the back and side sleepers will find it a lot more comfortable. I may change my mind on this though as the week goes by I’ll let you know if I do.

    Like you say though, when considering how much it’s competitors with similar mattresses are priced the OTTY is definitely great value for many, that’s something not many can argue with.

    Hey, if you want to chat or compare notes or anything send me an email bobby (at) mattress test (dot) com


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