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Welcome to my Otty pillow review– the first on my UK pillow reviews list. (see the full list of reviewed pillows here).

Here you will find my in depth review of how I found the Otty pillow, and an analysis of its qualities and features – I have reviewed Otty mattress previously, check the out the review here.

There are some important factors that you need to look for when looking to upgrade your pillows, they play a significant role in how your body reacts to sleep. I have established in previous articles that your sleep environment should be regulated at a constant temperature to improve the phases and quality of sleep.

Otty have used the same technology as found in their mattress to create the best pillow for neck support, as well as the best pillow for side sleepers. Let’s get into the review of the pillow that has become the fastest selling in the UK.


The Otty pillow comprises of 2 layers, a high comfort memory foam layer combined with a their patented Cool Blue Gel foam which helps regulate temperature. Their cool blue foam technology is what most users love, it reacts to the temperature of the sleeper and help reduces overheating. 

breakdown of otty pillow
The OTTY Airflow system allows the regulation of temperature to ensure you get a great nights sleep

Otherwise known as the Otty airflow system, a series of small holes in the pillow allows for air to run freely through it, as well as providing the support of a medium firm memory foam pillow. Engineered to cater for almost every sleeper, the long lasting construction and use of high quality materials will ensure that this pillow will outlast any that you have used before.

Firmness, Comfort & Support

When choosing a new pillow, the process is much the same for choosing a new mattress. You need to know what type of sleeping position the pillow is suited for as well as how firm it feels to sleep on. The Otty pillow will complement most sleeping positions and has been created with memory foam to offer support for back sleepers, side sleepers and front sleepers. The 10cm thickness of the pillow helps provide elevation for stomach sleepers whilst relieving neck pressure. 

Most people are used to pillows that can be folded or puffed up but this pillow has been designed to stayed fixed in its rectangular position, something that I had to take some time to get used to. Otty have stated that this product is suitable for all ages, it helps align the back and neck for a more comfortable nights sleep.

Otty Pillow Cover

One of the great things about the Otty pillow cover is that the material is fully breathable in both hot and cold conditions. Most people have problems with their pillows being hot and uncomfortable, causing sleep issues and ultimately broken nights. 

otty pillow cover
A honeycomb structure helps disperse weight and improve comfort

The cover has a similar pattern and design to their mattress which helps emphasise their place as a premium mattress brand who focus on design as well as durability. The cover acts as a pillow protector which not only absorbs sweat but protects the core of the pillow. If you are a skin or allergy sufferer then this pillow is ideal for you, the cover is hypo-allergenic and claims to help reduce allergies whilst you snooze.

The soft cotton cover cover is fully machine washable and be easily removed for a recommended 40 degree wash. You don’t have to worry about placing a pillow protector on this pillow.



Is the OTTY pillow right for you?

That’s my personal review of the Otty pillow, hopefully it has covered some of the questions that you might have. It was a pleasure sleeping on this pillow, the Otty air flow system was an outstanding feature which really helped me keep cool in my sleep.

The big question though, as ever, is who is the OTTY pillow best for?

I would recommend the Otty pillow to sleepers if:

  • Support – You are looking for a pillow with neck support that is proven to reduce neck pain
  • Heat Control – If you sweat in your sleep and looking for a pillow that regulates temperature, keeping you cool and undisturbed
  • Value – Pillows can be expensive but with a 3 year guarantee, you know that this pillow will remain high quality for over 1000 sleeps
  • Hypo-Allergenic – If you suffer from skin and dust allergies, this pillow will help relieve them whilst you sleep

An excellent pillow with some great features, definitely worth the investment if you are looking to upgrade your bedding. Be sure to check out our Otty mattress review to complete the perfect combination.

You can buy the Otty Pillow here


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