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Welcome to my Tweak mattress review – number four in my UK mattress reviews list (see the full list of reviewed mattresses here). Slightly different to other mattress I’ve reviewed, Tweak is the unique dual mattress that is perfect for couples.

Here is my in depth review of how I found the Tweak mattress, as well as an assessment on what I found to be positive and negative about it. First, however, a brief background on the Tweak brand.

Tweak have created a unique take on the modern mattress and have designed the world’s best mattress for couples. When it comes to sharing your bed with your partner, there are are usually a lot of compromises, especially with levels of comfort and noise. Tweak recognised this and set out to design the ultimate couples mattress which can be tailored to suit different comfort levels from soft to firm.

Tweak hand make their unique dual comfort mattress in Manchester, UK and pride themselves on hiring passionate craftspeople who truly care about giving you the perfect night’s sleep. They inject a Northern spirit into their manufacturing and are proud to commit their time in helping us all sleep better.

As this mattress is a cut apart from other ones I’ve reviewed so far, I was really keen to test it! Let’s dive into my Tweak mattress review…


The Tweak mattress has three separate layers, a poly foam first layer, custom made reflex foam middle layer and pocket sprung base. Below is a more detailed look at the construction of the mattress:

The OTTY Mattress is 25cm in depth, and the layers break down to the below:

  1. Poly Foam – The top layer of the mattress is polyfoam, a cool blue foam layer. It has been designed to naturally contour your body shape and uses temperature controlling technology to keep you cool whilst sleeping. It plays a key role in supporting the middle layer of the mattress.
  2. Reflex Dual Comfort LayerThe middle layer has been specifically designed by Tweak and is unique to their mattress, a reflex dual comfort material which allows the customer to customise their mattress to suit their needs – as they can pick between soft, medium and firm. (If you aren’t sure which firmness level is suitable for you, you can find some helpful advice on the Tweak mattress page. You should always consider body weight and preferred sleeping position when evaluating firmness level as this is will determine the perfect firmness for you.)
  3. 1800 Pocket SpringsThe base of the mattress is made from 1,800 individually wrapped pocket springs which support and adjust to your body. These springs are perfect for reducing the motion transfer (mattress talk for the amount movement disturbs your partner whilst they sleep). As mentioned in my Hyde and Sleep mattress review, my girlfriend and I work different shifts – so this is a vital area for us. I definitely felt the right amount of bounce from these springs, the springs contoured my body shape and made it easy to get out of bed.
Tweak Mattress Layers
Tweak Mattress Layers


The cover of the Tweak mattress is made from a soft organic cotton which provides breathability and luxury levels of comfort. The cover itself is hypoallergenic which means that allergy sufferers have no need to worry about their allergies becoming agitated. It is also quilted which offers a another pocket of comfort and helps keep the mattress and sleeper cool. Unlike some other brands, the cover is removable and washable which is perfect for removing dust mites and bacteria which may have breached your sheets. Please refer to the tweak website for further information about washing your mattress cover.

Firmness, Comfort, & Support

One of the unique features of the Tweak mattress is that you select the firmness level which is suited to you – you don’t have to give in to the ‘perfect’ singular firmness level from some of its competitors. In my opinion, this is the future for all mattresses (Joel’s crystal ball…spooky).

There are three firmness levels to choose from: Soft, Medium and Firm. They all differ slightly in their comfort levels but I noticed a big difference between the soft that my girlfriend chose for her side and the medium which I slept on. I would rank the softer side a 3 on the firmness scale and the medium a 5.

I found the medium firm side of our Tweak to be very supportive and highly responsive to my body position. I could feel the pocket springs working with the dual comfort reflex layer to shape to the contour of my hips, shoulders and back. The organic cotton cover paired with the breathable foams meant that I was kept cool when sleeping, it was unlike anything I have experienced in comparison to some of the memory foam mattresses that I have tested.

I tried all three main sleeping positions (if you don’t know by now, you should (!) but I am a back sleeper myself) for sleeping on the Tweak mattress – below is how I found each one:

Back Sleeper – I felt sleeping on my back to be comfortable and cushioned, the firmness of the dual comfort layer wrapped around my pressure points for improved relief.

Side SleeperWhen trying to sleep on my side, I could feel the pocket springs working with the upper foam layers to try and contour my body shape. I had no problem with the medium firmness through when I tried the softer level, my personal preference was that it didn’t support me as much as I would have liked. However, this is one of the great things about the Tweak mattress – that you can alter this.

Stomach SleeperNot my favourite position to sleep in, but I could get used to it with the tweak, the medium firmness is just right for me. I did try the softer side of the mattress but couldn’t personally sleep on it as I like to feel that rigid support. For those that like to sleep on their stomach and prefer a soft mattress, my girlfriend highly recommends it and was very pleased with her snooze.

I was very intrigued to test the ‘perfect mattress for couples’ and it didn’t disappoint. I was very impressed with the cooling technology and the adaptive firmness in the mattress. I’d also like to state that the edge support was very rigid, with the pocket springs meaning that the edge of the mattress didn’t sink too far when my partner and I were sitting on the edge.


Not usually a subject that I speak about in my usual mattress reviews, but this is no normal mattress, so I had to touch upon it here in my Tweak mattress review! This mattress is designed for couples, so it’s more than likely should you purchase one that amorous activities will be engaged in. Subsequently, the main things that you should look out for are motion transfer and levels of bounce.

The use of pocketed springs in the Tweak mattress means that this mattress offers great motion support and bounce during sex, as it isolates you and your partner’s motions to offer incredible bounce with minimal effort.

All in all, an excellent mattress for sex!


Tweak manufacture and deliver from the UK. This helps keep costs down but with the innovative foams and customisable functionality, these mattresses are more expensive than some of other mattresses that I have reviewed.

Their pricing starts at £840 for a double and finishes at £990 for a Super King. Consequently, I understand that they price themselves out of some people’s budget. However, if you’re purchasing one it’s likely you are doing so with a partner, so splitting the cost is likely to be an option – making it a lot more affordable.

They only offer double beds and above which plays into the ‘couple’s only’ theme. Below is a full breakdown of all of their mattress sizes and prices:

Super King£990.00

Delivery, Unboxing, Trial, & Warranty

Tweak offers a unique delivery option to help accommodate the needs of busy consumers. In their own words “No hauling heavy vacuum packed mattresses up the stairs or strapping old mattresses onto the car roof for the tip run”. They deliver all of their mattress to customers with a free two-man delivery team, delivering the mattress to the room of your choice.  They even take your old mattress for a small charge, a great idea but I can see some drawbacks if you decide that the tweak isn’t for you (no-one wants to sleep on the floor!).

I like how thorough Tweak are with their delivery process. They have a five step plan on their website which covers everything from expected time of delivery to how you can arrange a time more convenient for you. Delivery is free to UK mainland and delivery time is 5 to 8 working days, which is pretty long compared to other companies but worth bearing in mind that their mattresses are custom made.

They offer the same 100 night trial as some other companies including OTTY and Hyde & Sleep. Their mattress includes a 10 year guarantee as standard, the industry standard.

Is the Tweak mattress right for you?

I must admit that I am really keen on the couple’s idea from Tweak, I am seeing lots of new mattress start-ups entering the space and it has become harder to find a USP that sells. The mattress has been designed with couples in mind and helps deliver ultimate comfort for you and your partner. I was really intrigued by the customise function and was blown away with the difference (I prefer medium firm and my girlfriend prefers soft). Additionally, the addition of the pocket springs in the base layer are great for pressure relief, comfort and support.

The big question though, as ever, is who is the Tweak mattress best for?

I would recommend the Tweak mattress to sleepers if:

  • You are in a couple – This is what the mattress is designed for, I would highly recommend trialling a Tweak if you find that you are your partner disagree on firmness levels
  • Motion Support – The pocket sprung base layer is perfect for those who move in their sleep, as the springs work in harmony with the two foam layers to reduce movement for your sleeping partner
  • Pain Relief and Support – The different firmness levels and foams work well to help support your body position and relieve aches and pains
  • You want British – Manufactured in the North, you can really feel the careful craftsmanship of the mattress. It really is finished to the highest quality

Tweak’s proposition is fairly unique in the market, as most brands tend to stick to one type of mattress marketed to all customers. I really enjoyed sharing my Tweak with my girlfriend – and this is all in all an excellent sleep solution for couples who don’t always agree on everything. You can buy the Tweak mattress here.


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